​Midday Break

​This meditation is to relieve stress that accumulated in the morning. Get rejuvenated!

​Rejuvenate Your Immune System

​For strengthening your immune system and helping you to feel healthy.

​Essential Qualities of the Meditation Breath

​As we refine the streams of breath, the mind and nervous system are harmonized.

​Comfort and Ease in the Body

​Pain relief. This short meditation is excellent for calming the nervous system an minimizing pain or discomfort in the body.

Basic Meditation Instruction


Thoughts About Meditation

     There is little actually known about the origins of meditation. What we do know, is that meditation has a long and diverse history and has been practiced by many different cultures in their own way. Many believe that the first meditations took place as early man stared deeply into the flames which pushed back the darkness and offered comfort against the cold. Imagine how their minds might have drifted into an almost hypnotic state as they focused intently on the evening fire.

     There are many proposed approaches to meditation. Zen Buddhism is a philosophy which asserts that one should meditate to discover the meaning of life. Books from India called 'Tantras' suggest that meditative prayer was performed as early as five thousand years ago. Christian practices of prayer and contemplation stem from the Latin terms of lectio,meditatio, oratio and contemplatio which means to read, ponder, pray and contemplate.You will also find variations of meditation practices in Hinduism, Taoism, Jainism and Judaism just to name a few.

     For those who wish to begin meditating, there is at least one simple, common meditation focus which is found woven through most all meditation philosophies. This common meditation thread is to contemplate 'gratitude.' I have found that the easiest path to deep meditation is to focus on the delight and happiness you feel for being alive and the gratitude you feel for the people in your life who share your experiences.

     Because you exist, you have the priceless opportunity to experience and appreciate your life as you live it. Your life, the people you care about; and the experiential bliss you achieve as a result of living, should be the center or 'heart' of your life. Focus on becoming overwhelmingly grateful for everything and everyone your life has to offer. What does true gratitude feel like to you? How alive and happy do you feel when you choose to recognize the experience and gift of life? Focus on these emotions. Be single minded in your gratitude and you too can begin to achieve the soothing inner peace which comes from focused meditation.

​Stress Reduction

​One of the most important benefits of meditation is relaxation. Relaxing the mind and body from the pressures of life is essential to well being. Sometimes, all that is needed is a ten minute break. This guided meditation can be used anytime throughout your day to help reground you, refocus your energies and re-center your life.

​Morning Meditation

​Prepare the mind and spirit for the day!

​Blue Light Guided Meditation

​Getting In The Creative Zone

​A meditation to help boost the creative nature inside you.

​Sixty-One Point Relaxation:


​More than just a body scan. We activate important hubs of energy, which opens energetic flows and balances both the body and mind.

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